My troubles_2000字

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  The pace of time never stops, the rhythm of the life can't slack off.Our regression in the past, and look forward to the future.Look at yourself, the babble of infants, now wear glasses, become elegant.Yes, every day of the cells in the human body constantly new Chen substitution, but to me that such a person, if forget some unhappy things, meet new things, I'm afraid to go to India to obtain buddhist scriptures.

  I am a sentimental person, my feelings, exquisite like water.This became my troubles.When I saw the leaves, I will be sad;When I saw the petals to the raindrop strike, also in the heart silently say: does it hurt?When I see a vigorous tree, I'll run past to give him a hug.These actions, the careless people is not understand.They don't understand me, I don't like to chase scenes, don't like to play games, don't like gossiping...Oh ~ they don't understand me, I like to smell the sweet nectar, in the spring like sitting quietly in the afternoon, like thinking, quiet, only belong to me a people in the world.I hope I can have a person like me, accompanied me to idea that fantasy world like a dream.But, my classmate is careless, them have I don't see a good place, so I don't want to come too close with them, comes alone is what I wanted to pursue.But I can't get away from them for my feelings.

  I know, I want to go to adapt to the society, but, I really hope I can also like a little child nestled in her mother's arms.This society, he did not pure beauty of flowers, no rain and pure and fresh nature, in my eyes, is a storm.Don't like it here, so let's conquer it, I want to upgrade to become a sailor moon, fight hard, do not yield, not back.

  My troubles are not with others, and I won't because the result quality or happy or sorrow, so average, firmly, also became a bad say "bad".I also can't because the mood is bad, because my mood, is like the sky ~ let me sorrow, is dead animals, and flowers for the decline of...

  Gradually, I found that, in fact, is not too terrible.Worry is like a leaf, and fall, always inadvertently buried under a tree, as the tree's food.Worry is a kind of taste, feel, will also become a kind of novel finding.Trouble is the embodiment of wet weather, always after a storm comes a calm.We smile on the face, is to break the confused weapons.